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    Initial View marked as inaccessible


      When I convert a document from Word that has a title set to PDF using 'Save as PDF', the resulting PDF fails the accessibility check due to the title.  The title is shown under properties->Description, but under 'Initial View', it's set to Show  File Name rather than Document Title.  This seems to be causing the accessibility failure.  There doesn't seem to be a way to set this from the Word side.  Without this, any PDF created from Word would result in an inaccessible PDF.  What am I missing?

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          _Crockett_ Level 1

          I am not sure you are missing anything. I usually run the accessibility checker and change the display to document title by right clicking the error in the accessibility checker and selecting "Fix".


          All of my conversions to accessible pdf require remediation, so I am in the file anyway. I could see where you might want to automate if converting in bulk, but I do not have a solution for that.