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    Photopainting on iPad - Mixer - type brushes.


      I like to "photopaint" in Photoshop using the mixer brushes and I'd like to do the same on the go using my iPad Pro. So far I haven't seen that capability in any of the mobile app tutorials I've watched. Do any of them utilize mixer brushes like Photoshop CC?


      Photoshop Fix has a smoothing brush, but it's not the same, and it's Paint tool just replaces color. Sketch looked promising, but doesn't do the same thing from what I can tell. I want to be able to blend and smear the image to varying degrees with different brush types.


      Even something like the Smudge tool would work as long as I could adjust it the same way.



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          I do not like IOS but my wife does so we purchased an iPad pro for her and an apple pencil.  From my research the best painting app for the iPad pro with an apple pencil is Procreate.  It is not Adobe software but supports export PSD files. It cost something like $6..  There is a Adobe Photoshop Sketch App it free so you can try that also and Adobe Photoshop Mix. Adobe Draw etc


          Here is a link to Adobe Mobile  there may be some good info there.  It look more liks a maze to me then a tree

          Adobe mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android apps | Adobe Creative Cloud


          I'm not much of a tablet user I just have a Samsung Galaxy Tab s 8.4  for potable web access.  I'm more a surface pro guy and use a Bluetooth mouse.

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            Affinity Photo (Affinity Photo on the App Store) for iOS does this extremely well. It has a Paint Mixer Brush tool that allows you to paint over photos. It supports pressure sensitivity with the Apple Pencil and is extremely responsive. It's heavily optimized for the iPad Pro and a great buy. This app is really impressive as I have very little artistic skill and I've made several photos look like real paintings.