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    Face recognition: Faces lost - without deleting them




      I just started using Lightroom 6 - and I'm hoping some more experienced people can help. I wanted to index a whole year of faces (9000 photos), and I turned on face recognition. I still had 3-400 faces left in the unnamed people section when I quit and went to bed - and turned off the pc. The next morning I continued the naming/indexing of the rest of the faces - but most of the indexing from the day before was gone! The two most photographed persons had each around 800 indexed photos each - but the next day, they only had around 20 left!! Very annoying. Anybody knows what might have happened? I could (maybe) have accidentally deleted faces, but how? - and how does one do that for several people who don't stay next to each other in the "named people"-catalog - without meaning to do that? Hitting "All photographs" in the Catalog panel doesn't help solve the problem. And I cannot seem to make LR re-index, either. Anybody who knows how to fix this annoying problem?


      Thanks for helping!