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    How to turn this PC into a Video Encoder

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      Hi all,


      I started my discussion the other day looking for a laptop to get into video editing family movies with Premiere Pro and After Effects.  I'm trying to tie all these little video clips we seem to take with our phones and DSLR into something easier to watch.  For example creating a vacation movie or Christmas movie etc.


      I was considering a big heavy Acer Predator laptop but was told if I was only editing the videos and not rendering, I didn't need something so massive.  I have a PC I built last year to act as my Plex Media Server (to transcode movies) as well as my photot storage and backup device.  I think it is more powerful than the laptop I was considering but I think I might need to upgrade some components.  Below is what I have now, I believe I need to upgrade my power supply, add a graphics card and possible increase RAM.  Can you please recommend components or if this machine would be better for rendering than a laptop.



      Motherboard: ASROCK H97M PRO 4 MATX LGA 1150 (max Ram 32GB DDR3)


      Ram: 16GB Ram (can be upgraded if needed)

      Graphics Card: (none, need to add one I assume)

      Power Supply: 450W (probably need something like 850 once I add a graphics card plus my 5 HDDs)



      Thanks for all the suggestions.