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    New Script workaround for the Dynamic link Resolution issue, CC2017

    SquareEyz Level 1

      We should all thank Jeff over at redefinery, again, for this script update to his rd_CompSetter- which now allows resolution support.


      Select all comps in your AE project and run the script.


      If you are unfamiliar of his scripts, check all 51 of them out here at his site:

      redefinery.com: rd: scripts


      Also, when creating new comps, be sure to set the resolution to full in the comp settings dialog box.

      Once this is set, you can now set your preview subsampling to auto, and the dynamic link will still hand off at full res. I then use the view % to affect my preview subsampling {ie 50%, 25%}. Since doing this I have had no problems with subsampling in linked comps within Premiere.


      Many thanks again to Jeff!

      And as he says on his site:


      In lieu of thanks, consider donating to a charity important to you. If my scripts save you time, maybe pass the savings onto organizations doing good work. I'd love to hear how you're paying it forward. #devforacause