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    Element 3D model not showing

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      So I downloaded some free models from tf3dm on the .obj file. When I imported them into Element 3D they were all not showing. I tried addind some materials from element itself but that didnt fix it either. The model is just invisible for some reason. I tried multiple models, all .obj and from different creators and such so its not the models' fault.. here are some screenshots, of when I import it and what I see with the materials that come with it, and with some element materials on it. By the way I use element all the time with the video copilot model packs and then it works fine. also works fine with mask extrudes models.

      Gyazo - e663fb729975aa63a4c165b2bfe1e27f.png

      Gyazo - dd082fc7527d242f8cdf3f977f93ceaa.png



      thanks for any he