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    Epson P600 prints blank pages in Photoshop CS4


      WHEN set to Photoshop Manages Color but NOT when set to Printer Manages Color.  Anyone else have this issue?


      Mac OS 10.10.5.  Epson print driver 9.86.  CS4.


      Prints fine if set to Printer manages color which is NOT how I've used it for all of my other Epson printers in the past.  So trying to see if this is an Epson driver issue (they are trying to control the color - idiot proofing/dumbing it down so to speak for the consumer market) or if it's a Photoshop needs to be re-installed issue.


      Prints or rather FAKE prints (print head moves but no ink put down) when set to Photoshop manages color.


      Appreciate any advice or help.