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    Accessibility--Presenter v. 7

    wolfeyes Level 1
      Please help! I work for the Feds and we have to have all our videos captioned (by law!). I have 3 videos in .flv format, I have 3 caption files in .xml format. I published the videos to the server and they work just fine, but how do I publish the .xml captioning files so that they work with the correct video. Do I need to create a swf file in Flash that incorporates the xml file and the video and load that to my server?

      I've spent thss week trying different solutions and I'm at a loss. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Also, why do my videos always resize to a small size when I publish them to my Connect server? Is there some way to control the size of the video?

      Once again, thanks for the help!