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    Questions, Requests about ShapesGuides and Rulers in Draw

    markgouldsf Level 1



      I have a couple of thoughts about the current version of Draw and may be considered as feature requests. I think I understand why it happens, but currently I find it difficult to use the basic shapes as rulers, since depending on the size of the brush, pressure, etc., the stroke against the edge of a ruler/guide "leaks" through the edge of the ruler. I assume somehow the program sees the center point of a brush, or the eraser and defines that as the center point, so half of the stroke goes inside the ruler (??) It would be great if we knew that the visual edge of the ruler would actually be where a line or eraser mark is drawn, if you follow me.


      Also, I've been really wanting to use more advanced shapes, even at some point possibly (within limits) any library vector shape saved from Illustrator to CC Library shapes.


      What I'm after is a true stencil, allowing me to draw a stroke along a path, as you can currently do now, but also, draw or brush inside a shape/guide, so that I can do a quicker and better job of trying to create stencil art that would be more like real world screens and effects. I'd love to know if anyone else has any thoughts about this.




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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Mark,


          This comment about the straight edge has been made a number of times for both drawing apps... along with the request to at least incorporate a toggle so people could choose how a line will be drawn. Unfortunately I don't know whether it's being considered. That's not to say that it hasn't been discussed... just that I don't know whether it's made it onto the list of future features.


          About creating more advanced shapes... Just wanted to make sure that you know it's possible to bring shapes in from Capture CC and use them in Draw.


          About the ability to create/bring in "true stencils" in the app: I can't say that this has been brought up before. People have requested the capability to do more than just outline shapes (to also be able to fill them) but I don't know that it's precisely what you're requesting.


          I'll definitely share all of this with the product team (it's been quite some time since someone brought up the outline strokes being on the inside of the visual edge of a shape). Thanks for taking the time to post.



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            Theresa J Adobe Community Professional



            If you double tap on a shape it will fill the shape. This isn't exactly the same as being able to paint inside of a shape, but it may be what you are trying to do.


            As Sue said, you can create your own shapes using the Capture App. This is not quite a precise as being able to save an Illustrator graphic as a shape though. Capture has a way of rounding out corners and creating more organic looking graphics. I happen to like this look so it works for me. I've used Capture to create shapes from hand drawn art, as well as Illustrator graphics. In the case of Illustrator, I just photograph the graphic on my monitor with Capture on my iPhone.


            I agree with you though. It seems a no brainer that we should be able to save Illustrator graphics to a Library for use in Draw. I was really surprised when I first discovered this wasn't possible.



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              markgouldsf Level 1

              Hi Sue and Theresa,


              Thanks very much for your input. I think a toggle that would allow users to control how and where the ruler/guide lines are drawn would be great to give us the option. I am very aware of being able to use any CC library art saved from Illustrator to be used in Draw, and filled with a color by tapping - that's great! - but if future feature requests are considered and possible, the idea of being able to use somewhat complex, user-created shapes as guides/rulers someday stencils, would be great.


              I know you can basically accomplish this in Illustrator with clipping paths/masks. I'm thinking of an analogy to silk screen printing that would allow me to brush inside the shape, with let's say multiple colors, while protecting the edges of the mask shape.


              This is just one of a few advanced features I'd like to see in Draw someday, or at least until Apple figures out how they're going to allow me to run Illustrator on a mobile tablet or a 2 in 1. Advantage Microsoft!



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                Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

                Hi Mark.


                Thanks for the additional details. I thought I was understanding you correctly but it's good to know for sure.


                I'll make sure the drawing teams hear this.



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