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    How do you Hyperlijnk to Lightroom Web File and get it to open.  Mine won't open!   : (

    Melissa Levin

      I have seen several video about liking a button in Muse CC to web pages, E-Mails, phone numbers, photos, other muse pages.  But if I have a web library greater in Lightroom which gets titled index.html, how do I like it.  I have chosen it as a the file to open but it won't open.


      If I can't make this work then I can use Muse CC to create my web page and I don't want to redesign it all over again in some other program.   I have the code from class that is used to link to the final and open the Lightroom web library.  If I could fine some where in Muse CC to put in html code that would be great.



      Thanks MEL


      Need reply ASAP


      PPS.  I need to have several buttons lined to their own individual libraries.  Each Lightroom library when exported is put into heir own folder for example, apple, orange, pear.  Then in each folder they have a file titled index.html