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    Entering complex URLs in InDesign as visible text

    tcbfinch Level 1


      I have encountered an oddity while trying to provide a lengthy URL in my document. I viewed several tutorials and articles on managing Hyperlinks but they don;t address this issue.

      It is a multi-part URL with parameters to provide to an ASP server request. Below is a slightly modified version for this discussion.


      http://servername/ReportServer/Pages/ReportViewer.aspx?%2fMy+Reports%2fAll+Dashboards%2fEx ecutive+Dashboard&rs:Command=Render

      (I re-edited the URL above so it shows fully)


      When I initially put the text in a document it displays normally except that line breaks and hyphenation confuse the true text of it. If someone were to type it in they'd probably get it wrong. And yes, it works if I just apply the URL to much simpler text like the report name. Someone has asked to SEE all the URL for use in hard copy printouts.

      If I turn off hyphenation the URL breaks at the period after ReportViewer. So, I modify the Character set to use No Language, and then turn off hyphenation. that seems to stay put.


      Still, when I convert it to a hyperlink the entire string (and anything after it) disappears into Overset text and often creates a dozen apparently empty pages.


      If I go into Story View and remove just the hyperlink portion then the remaining text is pulled back into the flow from overset.


      A possible solution is to have a Hyperlink on the Report Name and then a new line with a non-linked form of the URL.


      But can I have my cake and eat it too? just one line with both visible text and hyperlink? Why is InDesign doing this with a hyperlink?


      Thanks for insight and suggestions.



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You haven't explained how you're using the URL. Is it possible to use a URL shortener service in your case?

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            TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            How do you "convert it to a hyperlink"?


            It sounds like you're applying "no break" to the hyperlink, and that would cause the text to go into overset. Otherwise, the hyperlink would just break at the end of the line, and since you've set the language to No Language, there would be no hyphen either.

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              Eternal Warrior Level 4

              Having read the other comments - I would agree that it certainly sounds easier to use a URL shortener service or have a URL redirect in place to save the hassle of having such a long URL in InDesign - especially if your expecting your poor, tired customer who has problems of his/her own to have to type it all in.


              An intuitive and simple customer experience is always the goal (wherever possible) in business.

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                tcbfinch Level 1

                Thanks to everyone.


                First, updating the Hyperlink character style to turn OFF "No Break" as well as having language set to "No Language" seems to solve the problem.


                As far as the shorteners are concerned since this was a direct URL to an internal server and the whole thing is being managed by developers I have no control over, I didn't know if something like TinyURL would apply. Actually I don't even have access to the URL as it is very secure database.


                That being said I initially applied the URL a couple different ways:

                • select the text, right-click > Hyperlinks > New Hyperlink from URL
                • Add the URL to the Hyperlinks panel and then apply it to the selected text.


                Until I had Hyperlink char style properly set, either of these would go to Overset text.


                My personal preference is to not have this at ALL in the document (no one should have to type all that), just the name of the service with an embedded link. However, I was asked to provision it this way so that is what I am trying to do...and now can, whether it is a good idea or not.


                thanks again!

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