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    Won't install


      I purchased Premiere Elements 14 and installed on my old computer. Old computer crashed and every time I try to install on my new computer I get an error message. It says installation failure. I restarted my computer and it still won't install

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          HOTELECHOMIKE Level 1

          I suspect you are going to have to supply rather more information in order that the good folks here can try to assist you.


          For example:

          - Mac or PC?

          - Which operating system version?

          - Where are you trying to install (which drive)

          - If PC, do you have an NVIDIA graphics card?

          - Anything else that might be of relevance.


          FWIW I have PE 14.1 (PE 14 + update) running on a WIN7 PC & am doing OK with it (thanks to the advice from this forum).