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    Problem about Webservice


      I have two problems when i using web service in flex. The Web service is wrote with Java, and deployed in JBoss, i used Webservice Explorer to test it, no problem about Web service.


      I used Flex Builder 3 to import the .wsdl, and use generated proxy classes to access Webservice functions.

      When the Java classes are in a same package, no problem. But when they are in different package, (so they have different namespace in QName, i think), i cannot read the data from the Object. (the values are always null)


      Another Problem is, when i call call a function, and read the result with XXX_lastResult. It can not be immediate accessed. So I must make one button to run the webservice function, and the other button to read the result, and the user must click them one by one. if i write them in one function (or two functions but be called together with one click), it not work!

      Thank you.
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          okgivemeanickname Level 1
          thanks, this is my scripts:

          private var ws:WSInterfaceService = new WSInterfaceService();


          public function showDocs():void
          // Webservice function call

          //set the result to a dataProvider in runtime, its not work! but if direct use the bindable link in <mx:DataGrid>, then no such problem.
          //dg.dataProvider = ws.getDocs_lastResult;


          <mx:DataGrid width="100%" id="dg" dataProvider="{ws.getDocs_lastResult}">
          <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="name" headerText="Name"/>
          <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="size" headerText="Size"/>
          <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="changedDate" headerText="Changed Date"/>
          <mx:DataGridColumn labelFunction="showURL" headerText="URL"/>


          <mx:ControlBar horizontalAlign="center">
          <mx:Button label="Get date from server" click="showDocs()"/>