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    Backup of Catalog Slow

    PhotoDomDom Level 1

      My Lightroom catalog is 8.63GB and is stored in the default location on my Mac (Pictures). The machine I use has flash storage of 500gb of which less than half is used. My OS is 10.11.6, processor 3.4 GHz / Intel Core i7, 32GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2048 MB.


      I have set Lightroom to backup this catalog to a 3TB external HD of which 1.79TB is still available. This drive is connected via USB3.


      Over the last year or so the backup process has become increasing slow. I've just timed it and it took about 4 minutes in total. To me this seems quite excessive, am I expecting too much?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I usually find it starts off slow (optimizing) and then rapidly increases in speed. Backups are now compressed so that adds an extra step but uses disk space more efficiently.


          I would be happy with 4 mins.

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            ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

            Is your LrCat file really 8.x GB, not including the LrData preview folders?


            Working with a file that big takes time. Four minutes is probably reasonable.


            Given that my images are organized by date, I would probably archive off some of the older years into a different catalog and delete them from the current catalog so that the main catalog is 3 GB or smaller.

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              PhotoDomDom Level 1

              Yes that is the actual size of the Catalogue file. The previews file is 27.84GB in total.


              How would you suggest archiving the oldest part of the catalogue? Are there some step-by-step tutorials on this that you'd recommend?