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      I was wondering how do you hyperlink to a video in a flash website whereby that video is embedded in the flash website so there is no address for that video? eg the website is www.sport.com (if it was www.sport.com/footvid I would be able to use
      on (release) {
      getURL("http:/www.sport.com/footvid", "_blank");
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          If the website itself does not support "deeplinking" then you as a user of that website won't be able to create a deeplink to your desired video.

          It's for this reason, among others, I always incorporate deeplinking functionality into my websites, so users can link into any content they desire. The lack of this function has been one of the hindrances for complete flash acceptance over the past few years.
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            I see, in flash how do you go about deeplinking? cheers