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    Interactive PDFs - invisible text on submitted forms


      We're getting a lot of interactive PDF forms back where completed form field text is "invisible" on the PDF.


      It seems to be a problem with proprietary apps such as MAC reader, various browser plugins and mobile apps. The obvious answer is for users to complete the form in Adobe Reader, which eliminates any problems - but of course very few users understand how or why this is necessary.


      We've even tried including text on the forms, and in locations which link to these forms, instructing users to download the form, and open it in Adobe Reader to complete; but predictably the advice is ignored, misunderstood or simply goes unnoticed. It seems like a fairly common problem (I resurrected this thread from a couple of years ago: text missing from returned form)


      Does anyone know of a way to use INDDs interactivity settings to ensure that a PDF is opened and completed in Adobe Reader exclusively, somehow forcing the document to ignore any third-party apps or plugins?


      Many thanks,




      NB: The forms work perfectly when opened in Adobe Reader / Acrobat... so it's really just a query about how we ensure we get it to work for users, who use all manner of third party apps on their various devices.