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    I have two sets of Radio button  Group0 and Group4 .. i want to hide and change username(tooltip) of group4 when Group0 is checked / unchecked

    rakeshk21205956 Level 1

      I have two sets of Radio button : Group0  and Group4 ..... I want to make Group4 readonly and change username(tooltip) when group0 is not choosed...... and when Group0 is choosed then the Group4 is not readonly and changes to other username (tooltip).


      I used the following javascript in Group0 :


      var f = this.getField("Group4");
      if (event.target.value=="Choice1") {
      .display = display.visible;

        f.userName = "Please choose one of quantity";
      } else {
      .display = display.hidden;

        f.userName = "";


      It does the first condition but when i reset the Group0   Group 4 doesnot change to the second condition.


      Please help