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    Lightroom 6 - locating photo


      Hi all,


      I have a Lightroom 6 program and I have photos there that I would like to edit. This happened to me before and I resolved it with ease. This time I don't know why I can't resolve it. The photos are greyed out in certain folders. Usually I would use the "Locate Photo" tactic and it would work. Now I don't know why it wont work, because it wont give me the option to select the photo to eliminate the greyed photo. Please message me and let me know what I need to do.


      A couple caveats to know:


      I bought icloud space to back up my computer and it sure did. The next day though the files were all in the cloud and not in my computer. I had to download my files from the icloud archive folders so I can see them in my Documents folders - Lightroom, photos, other documents. So I was able to do so successfully. Then now I am running into this problem.


      PLEASE HELP!!!