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    Shadows not casting in Classic 3D but do in Raytraced 3D


      I've revisited a project from July/Aug last year (V13.8.0) as the client wanted some changes.

      The project consists of several precomp layers with 2d layers inside layered up into z space (to create a fake extruded effect).

      The only changes I have made are to the camera path, but when I come to render it out in Classic 3D there are no shadows at all. When I render with raytraced 3D however the shadows are there! This leads to me think there isn't a problem with how the shadows are set up, but I can't understand why they won't render in Classic.


      I want to use Classic 3D as it is much faster (10hours compared to 30+), and there is an issue with the DOF in Raytraced, which I can't seem to fix without bumping up the sampling which will no doubt push render times beyond anything even vaguely reasonable!


      I've tried looking at it in the older version of After Effects that it was originally created in, but to avail.

      I'm now trying a work around to essentially get a shadow pass to comp back in, but this will still take several hours to render and probably won't be the final result/quality I want.


      Any ideas will be hugely appreciated.