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    Need help with flash player / slider bar navigation

      Hello, I am having a flash player developed right now for a intensive video site.

      I have a few questions since I'm new to flash.

      I would like the users to be able to jump forward in the video at any point. However, the player my developer gave me cannot do this. He is telling me that I will need FMS (Flash Media Server) software on my server in order to do this.

      Is this correct? Can we get this option without FMS?

      Also, is this a big change in scope to add this in. Our flash player is already done but does not have this very important feature.

      Thanks in advance.
        • 1. Need help with flash player / slider bar navigation
          RossRitchey Level 4
          There are two methods to having this work.

          1. Use the FMS as your developer already stated.

          2. Keyframe the heck out of the FLV. This works because the typical player skin allows you to skip around to a keyframe. The more keyframes you have, the more places you can skip around to. The downside is that each keyframe you add to the video adds file size. You may also need to set the totalTime parameter of the video on load.

          :: EDIT ::

          You ask about implementation and scope changes in your question. The first is a very big scope change, and very costly to implement. The second, if the player that was developed uses the standard classes for the player scrub bar, would likely only require a re-encode of every video.