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    Muse crashes when I edit text in a tabbed panel


      Two weeks ago, Muse would resize the entire tabbed panel if I tried to edit any individual cells and any attempt to decrease the width--including clicking on down arrows--would simply INCREASE the width. Now, without updating, it miraculously recovered. And crashes instead.


      Today, I clicked the plus square to create a new content area, and successfully created a new entry in both the title and dropdown areas. I clicked the plus square again and selected text in the title of the new cell and began typing the new title. After entering 17 characters, the program crashes and tells me to report the last few actions to the Muse CC team. To rule out a fluke, I opened the recovered document to try again. I promptly saved the recovered document, began typing in the same box, and promptly crashed. I then rebooted, opened the saved file, began typing in the same box, and crashed again.


      The error message comes up as:
      CallingbeginUserAction('TextUI::text_edits') inside rollback of Changing page item state for thumbnail.


      For reference, the webpage I am editing is an update of Carson Mall | Directory | Carson Mall Shopping Center, Carson City, NV


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          sarahm79285243 Level 1

          I opened again, deleted the content area that had been crashing upon editing, created a new content area, deleted the title, typed a new title partway, saved, typed the remainder of the title and saved without crashing. I continued making edits and fine-tuning the entire tabbed panel including panel title states, content areas, assets, links, etc. and saved all changes. Then I once more opened a content area to edit a content area title. Since I could not see the text I was copying from another application, I dragged my Muse window to a second monitor display, began typing, and promptly crashed a few characters in. I reopened Muse and the project, opened the content area and gave it time to cycle between states before typing into the stabilized text box. So far no immediate repeat crash.