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    Cann't see cursor blinking

      function run (event:Event) {


      Cann't see cursor blinking
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          Devendran Level 1
          In Authoring Environment Some time it will happen.
          Check your SWF in either Browser or using the StandAlone Player

          But You need little correction for better performance.

          EnterFrame will be called multiple times. So once your Work is done remove the unwanted function call.
          i have modified the code little.

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            Rothrock Level 5
            Hey. Ganesh. You keep publishing the same question over and over and over. And you keep getting the same answers. Why don't you try some of them!

            ONE LAST TIME!

            If the swf doesn't have the focus you won't see the blinking cursor it is that simple. If the swf does have the focus you will see the cursor. There is no other answer!

            The code Devendran has given you is functionally the same as:


            There is no need to add an enter frame event handler and then delete it after one frame.
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              Devendran Level 1
              Yes Rothrock you are correct.
              I don't know what he is doing with that EnterFrame, So i just kept it as it is.