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    After Effects CC2017 stopped recognizing CUDA


      I have been using After Effects CC2017 for a few weeks with no issues. Suddenly, last night I opened a recent project and got this message: "This project was last used with Mercury GPU acceleration (CUDA), which is not available on this system. Mercury software Only will be used".

      This is weird for a number of things:

      - First, Adobe Premiere PRO recognizes and uses the CUDA available.

      - After Effects gives me the option, in Preferences, to select GPU (vs. CPU), it's not greyed out.

      - AE lists my NVidia card under CUDA (in GPU information).

      - No changes have been made, and now all my projects show this message.


      When I go to File>Project settings>Video rendering and Effects, the option to select Mercury Hardware acceleration (CUDA) is greyed out.

      I re-installed the NVidia drivers 3 times, with no luck. I made sure (in the NVidia control panel) that, the necessary options are selected.

      Has anybody had this issue or know how to fix it? I appreciate any help.


      Thank you.