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    Fuse characters in Photoshop


      Ive gone through the pages of different postures/animations in 3d PS. Lets say I found a very close match to the posture I need, but want to make character say, on its tippy toes as if about to hover -Or tilt its head back. How can I achieve this?


      Also the style for hair/color in Fuse do not have what I need, how would I go about customizing in PS? I just need front and back images(no animations)

      Was considering taking screenshots of front and backs and PS hair on but dont want to compromise image quality, any suggestions?

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          JRfromPTC Level 3



          Save your 3D model to a CreativeCloud Library. Then open the model in Photoshop through the Libraries panel. This will create a 3D layer. From the 3D options in Photoshop, you can animate the character using the same animations as the Mixamo website. Use the Timeline panel in Photoshop to go through the animation and find the right spot that you want.


          As for the hair, again, in Photoshop open the 3D model through the libraries panel. Then open the 3D layer. In the properties panel, edit the "Diffuse" texture. You will see the hair there.

          I hope this helps!

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            carmenf56489980 Level 1

            Thank you for the response!

            Curious, is it possible to move character at all?

            Im trying to get real specific on a fighting stance and none of the scrub downs through the animations am I finding it. Is there a way to say grab the elbow or arm and move independently?

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              Not in Photoshop unfortunately.