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    Pictures Open Black and White


      Can anyone help please?


      Today I installed the free trial of photo shop. It was working fine and when I opened a new picture it was in its original colour. I was playing around with it and the picture went to black and white. (Unfortunately I can’t remember what I pressed to make it go black and white). The problem I now have is every picture I open on the Photoshop work space comes up black and white.


      How do I revert back to the original setting please?


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Did you try closing Photoshop and restarting it?




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            terris86415680 Adobe Community Professional

            Hello Roy and welcome to Photoshop. I can't think what you have done here if every picture you open is in black and white as there isn't an easy way to make it do that. I suppose it is possible you have somehow set a greyscale color profile or maybe you have a fancy monitor with a control that lets you switch it to greyscale. Rather than speculate as this is a new install just restore the Photoshop defaults, by pressing control-K or command-K and in the dialog below press the 'Reset Preferences on Quit' button. Then restart Photoshop.



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              royp96142017 Level 1

              I closed photoshop then restarted it. It’s working correctly now and I appreciate how quick you responded.  Keep your eye on me because I’m as computer literate as a cabbage.


              As Arnie would say - I’ll be back


              Thanks again guys