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    Is there any way to do this? We have spent months laying out a book for press and Indesign files are for page size 8.5 X 11.


      The client would now like to publish book as an 8 X 10 and we are looking at the need for a quick turnaround. Is there any way in either Indesign (Using CC 2017) OR in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC we can resize these pages in some global way, keeping margins, bleeds etc whether it be through master pages or in the create or print function of Adobe Pro to accomplish this resizing without a more detailed page by page? Indesign support said no period, Adobe support said page sizing like this can only be done on a PC and not a Mac (which I'm hard pressed to believe.)


      Any advice from anyone who thinks this is possible in a less than meticulously or timely way?


      Much appreciate your support.