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    Activate ID on multiple devices a problem due to downloads done anonymously




      I downloaded some important documents on my laptop through ADE with an anonymous ID. I would like to be able to read them on my new phone. So I downloaded ADE on my phone and created an ID linked to my email address and activated ADE with it on my phone. Then I tried to activate ADE on my laptop with the same ID but it would not let me. One Adobe page says


      "This issue occurs when you have previously activated with an anonymous ID. The deauthorization process deactivates the anonymous ID and allows you to sign in.

      If  you made any purchases with the anonymous ID, contact the eBook provider to reset the activation information. Then, redownload the purchase and it is tied to the currently activated ID." (Can't authorize with a previously used Adobe ID )

      I wonder if someone can assist me with this asap? Many thanks


      Please note I have contacted Adobe via chat and telephone and was told they could not help me, I really need some assistance with this!