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    Mac and PC render farm?


      I'm sorry if this is the wrong place for this question; I'm unlearned in this area so I'm not sure how to classify the question. Here's my scenario: I work on MacOS and do video editing and 2D work in Adobe Pr, Ae, and AME. My colleague will be using the Autodesk bundle on Windows PC. Is there an easy way, or simple turnkey solution for us to both utilize a dedicated rendering box if we're both on two different operating systems? Thanks for your help.

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          if you can have a single OS on the rendering machine, it will make things much easier. if you are using mac only plugins, or your colleague is using windows only software, then a shared machine with a single OS might not work. if you needed both OS's on one rendering machine, it might require a mac pro with windows in a Virtual Machine. some virtual machines aren't able to use the gpu, so if the software needs a gpu you would have to plan carefully. opening projects on the render machine might have some problems with file paths, like windows vs mac file paths or local vs network paths, that might make for extra work when opening projects with the render machine.