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    Drop Zone Problems

    Arthur-Lockman Level 1
      I'm having trouble with a drag and drop upload that I have built. I am using a canvas for a dropzone, and the NativeDragManager.acceptDragDrop(myDropZone); command doesn't link to the canvas that has the ID myDropZone. What's Up with this?
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          abeall Level 3
          Heh heh, I ran into this too. Unfortunately I still haven't been able to get the stage or root to really work. Neither make the whole window accept the drop unless there's actual graphics covering the whole window, and both get blocked by any objects with mouse event listeners above it (buttons, etc).

          I ended up making a rectangle with something like "drop here" text on it, and just used that as the drop zone. I had a text input and a button on top of the rectangle (filename field and browse button) and I have to make both those objects listen for nativeDragEnter/Exit/Drop as well or else they block the drop zone rectangle when the mouse goes over them.

          Seems like there must be another way. If you find it, let me know please!