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    CC/ Lightroom Trial



      I downloaded a free trial of CC/Lightroom 6 but decided to purchase a standalone copy on disk rather than purchase a download. I decided to delete the Lightroom and Creative Cloud trial from my Windows 7 computer using 'Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs' even though it still had 2 days to run in preparation to install the standalone program fro disk.. This has only been part successful. It has removed CC and, as far as I can tell, the Lightroom program but it has left the Lightroom icon in my 'All Programs List'. If I click on the icon, it opens a box asking me to upgrade my catalogue so it seems as if part of the software has been left behind. Reading the forums in hindsight, I now realise that I should have uninstalled using the CC Desktop utility. Can anyone tell me if the remaining bits of software will prevent me installing my Lightroom 6 disk successfully or will it just install over any remaining bits of the free trial? Is there anything that I can do to rectify the situation?

      Thanks in advance..

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There was really no need to uninstall the trial. Normally you simply convert to stand-alone using the serial number from your disk packaging.


          Go ahead with the disk installation and if it launches as a trial – see this link for steps to convert from LR Cc to LR6.


          How to convert a Lightroom CC trial to Lightroom 6

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            ivorp49 Level 1

            Thanks for your fast reply. I realised that I didn't have to uninstall after it was too late. I just went ahead and did what I (incorrectly) thought was the right thing to do. Thanks also for your advice and the link which is much appreciated....I'm just a bit wary now and want to make sure that I won't compound the problem if I go ahead.

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              99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Should be no problem! You will probably get the option to convert your catalog (work done in the trial) or you can choose a new name e.g. LRcatalog2 if you wish to start over.

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                ivorp49 Level 1

                OK Cheers!  I will try installing tomorrow when I've got more time to spare. Thanks again for your advice.

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                  ivorp49 Level 1

                  I have tried to install my standalone copy of lightroom 6 from disk and constantly get the following message:


                  "We've encountered the following issues

                  Another installer is currently running which must be closed
                  before installing this product. Please close other installers."


                  There are no other installers running and I suspect that this is being caused by the remnants of the program left behind as described in my original post.


                  Can anyone help me with this problem please?

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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Do you still have the Creative Cloud Desktop installed? If so go to the apps tab and click on Install/Try/Buy in order to re-install the program.


                    If the installation is successful follow the steps in my link to convert to LR6.

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                      ivorp49 Level 1

                      I have just re-installed CC and have chosen 'Try' Lightroom 2015 which has also installed correctly. CC tells me that I have one day trial left. Do you think it might be wise to wait until tomorrow after the trial expires before converting (I'm in no rush) or should it be ok to convert now?

                      Thanks again for your fast response and help.

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                        99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        It should be OK to convert now. Do you see a button to “Buy” or “licence this Software” – simply click and continue. After licensing with your serial number remain signed in (your email should show under the help menu) and you should only need to do this one time.

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                          ivorp49 Level 1

                          I see the I day trial left box with a button to "licence this software" and also my email address appears in the LR help menu.

                          Sorry to ask so many questions but is it best to click on that button or to follow the instructions in the link to concert to LR6?

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                            99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            Go to the Lightroom menu: Help > Sign Out <your email address>

                            Quit Lightroom

                            Relaunch Lightroom and click Sign In Now

                            Click the button - License This Software

                            Enter serial number – 24 digits starting 1160 & click Next

                            Lightroom will launch as LR6

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                              ivorp49 Level 1

                              Success !!!!!!!!!

                              Thank you so much for your patience and all of your help which is much appreciated.

                              Now I can use this fantastic program with my Nikon D500.