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    Francisc Level 3

      Could you please tell me what programming knowledge is required for the "Flex in a Week" course?
      Do I need know ActionScript or PHP/HTML/MySQL etc?

      Thank you!
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          Pls is it possible to get a zip file of all the videos? My link is a little slow to view it realtime
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            anirudhs Level 2

            You need to know ActionScript and MXML. But the video course attempts to teach you this, so you should be able to start no matter what your knowledge level is.

            P.S: littlebluefountains, as described in the flex in a week home page, you can use Adobe Media Player to download the videos and watch them offline.
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              I imagine the folks at adobe won't like to hear this.... but since the RSS feed is not working and I too wanted a truly offline mode, I have a hint for you........

              Firefox.... Install the extension FlashGot......

              The secret :) ...... zoom out on the vids so you can right click outside the swf player file and you will see "FlashGot Media" popup when the vid starts to play. There are 48 vids, 37 zips and 19 pdf's in the whole series (thus far anyway).... total file size is 1.41GB....

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                Francisc Level 3
                Thank you, anirudhs!

                I saw that you need some OOP knowledge to really grasp some concepts. I can say I had no prior knowledge of MXML before starting this, but I didn't need it, the videos are very well structured. Only 'flaw' if it can be called that is the exercises are usually easier than what the video described, but even so it is a minor issue.

                Congratulations for this course, I can't wait to finish it.

                Thanks again!