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    Photoshop DID NOT SAVE MY DESIGN WORK.   Help!!!

    SunshineRainstorm Level 1

      I'm using Creative Cloud Photoshop version 2017.0.0, and I save as I work and it's been saving fantastically until yesterday.




      I've been designing 10 separate brochures backgrounds for a week. Yesterday (Tuesday) I added the text to all 10 brochures. Today, (Wednesday) I opened PS to proof and finalize the brochures but Photoshop DID NOT SAVE any of the text that I added to all 10 brochure backgrounds yesterday.


      Something weird happened with PS yesterday. This is what I remember....


      Yesterday morning I started adding text to brochure #1 file at 9:00am. Around 9:45am Photoshop froze up for about 3 seconds with a quick 2 second error box that I didn't have time to read because it popped up and immediately disappeared. I was like WTH? What error message was on that???


      I immediately saved brochure #1 and exited PS and restarted my computer.  At 10:00am I reopened PS and continued adding text to brochure #1 thru #10 and deleted unnecessary layers until 7:45pm at night. 


      I saved all of the brochures as I worked on them.   I took a look at a couple of the PSD files around 7:45pm and the background designs and text looked great, so I did a backup to a flash drive and ended my workday.


      Well, I started my workday today (Wednesday) at 9:00am and NONE of the text or cleanup work that I did to the 10 brochures yesterday is on any of the PSD files on my computer AND none of the text that I added is on the PSD files that were copied to my flash drive.




      I could not find my exact problem on this forum as the troubleshooting search results gave me 85,000 related problems.  So I did a Google search and a non-Adobe site said to check my AutoRecover folder by going to: 


      C:\Users\YourUsername\Appdata\Roaming\Adobe\AdobePhotoshop CS6\Autorecover .


      Only one file was in the AutoRecover folder and that was a file that had a collection of all the brochures as a jpeg only so I could see the collection all together. I saved this file as I worked all day yesterday as well, and it saved OK. 


      I am one step away from completing the final version of the 10 brochures....proofing.


      Please help me find the latest version of the 10 files on my computer.  I really don't want to have to spend another 12-14+ hours adding/formatting text and cleaning up 10 brochures. 


      Plus, I have 10 more brochures to design asap, and I'm afraid they are not going to save in Photoshop.


      Q.  Where do I go in the program folders to find the latest saved version of the 10 PSD files?


      Q.  What do I need to do to make sure Photoshop saves my next group of designs?


      Thank you in advance for your assistance with this problem.



      Experience Level:  Basic user, easy designs only.  Not an expert at this moment


      Using: Adobe Photoshop Version  2017.0.0 20161012r.53 2016/10/12:23:00:00 CL X64

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Search your computer with a simplified version of the file name and add a wild card


          Broch  (you don't actually need to add the * for the wild card.

          Start the search at This PC so it looks everywhere.

          When done add Type: =.psd

          Set the View to Details and click on the Date column to order with newest at the top.


          Cross your fingers, and hope for a good result.


          We see a lot of posts from people who lose their work.  Sometimes computers crash, or laptops lose power part way through the save process.  If you only have the one PSD file, it is now buggered.  So we save with incremental file names at important parts.  This saves a lot of grief.

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            SunshineRainstorm Level 1

            Thanks Dennis!


            I did a search and used the wildcard * and it did not find the latest version of the 10 PSD files on my computer.


            I also searched my backup files that are on my flash drive and used the file name and wildcard * and saw that the older version files were copied to the folder that I designated for the most recent files, and my most recent "good versions" were copied to an old non-related folder on my flash drive.  WTH? 


            I'm happy that I was able to locate copies of the backup PSD's files on my flash drive.    Thanks again for the wildcard search tip.  I will start saving with incremental file names as I work as well.


            I'm still a bit confused about the error message. I think something happened with Photoshop that prevented my files from saving properly on my computer.


            I got one Photoshop error message at 9:45am (while working on file #1) that popped up and disappeared before I got a chance to read it.  Then I restarted PS and my computer before moving on to file #2 and so on.  Not one of the 10 file saved properly to my computer all day long (from 9:45am - 7:45pm). 


            I don't know if PS is going to save any of my new work on my computer at all now.  I will save as I work and back up my files, but Photoshop not saving to my computer properly is a big issue and it has me super freaked out.


            I would like to read the error message.  Is there a place in Photoshop to go and read previous error messages or logs ?

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              Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

              How are your Preferences > File Handling options set?

              I don't think it would have caused the issue you are talking about, but you have to have Save in Background checked for AutoRecover to work.

              Windows 10 Reliability Monitor holds some information retrospectively, but unless your save error was linked to a Windows error, I doubt you'll find any useful information there.


              Incidentally, if you have a lot of data to search through, it would be quicker to add the file type filter from the outset.


              broc* type: =.psd  (there is a space between the colon and the equals characters)


              Other than that, I am sorry but I have no theories as to what might have happened regards your lost files.