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    Faithful Adobe Presenter User Since 2004, but

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      Hi!  I've written in this forum a bunch of times.  I have been using adobe presenter since it was breeze and owned by Macromedia!  We have paid the exorbitant Adobe yearly maintenance fees ($25K/year) since 2004, etc, to host it on our server.  Since November 28, 2016, I have not had a course work correctly.  Called Adobe to get help re: Adobe Player Plugin and alas, they quit support (November 28th, 2016) for the product and wouldn't even talk to us.  Needless to say, I now have several Presenter courses that I have tried to publish as both html5 and swf and my LMS complains that the course is not in an acceptable format.  For a time, the adobe flash player plugin download didn't work. from Adobe's site.  What's going on with that?


      A couple of years ago, I bought Articulate Presenter studio '13.  For those courses, I can publish to "Both" (html5 and swf) and they import great into our LMS.  The html5 output has several files that adobe presenter html5 does not have.


      I also notice that there are so many forum entries, regarding this same problem with html5 and Presenter 11 that have gone totally unanswered and there are several "I have the same problem" entries at the bottom of the posts!  Me, and my SMEs, are using Presenter 11 with PPT 2013.  I work for a Federal Government agency.   I am clearly stuck in the water and I need Adobe to offer a free fix to its faithful adobe presenter users.  A conversion tool, that will take Legacy Adobe Presenter courses and migrate them to a workable, usable, html5 course, that our LMS' will accept, should be available.  What is  your fix for this Adobe?


      The Adobe Presenter 11  html5 published files do not include several of the necessary files!!  What's up with that?


      Adobe, please offer a solution to this problem, because there are hundreds, if not thousands, of us that are affected, and we have spent thousands for the product, upgrades, and maintenance.


      Am I the only one stuck in this mess?