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    Lr 6 independent version update (not CC)?

    Steph 1

      I'm a Lr 6 Ind. version user (not cc). I bought the legal Lr 6, pay once version thinking I would save money after the first year !!   I keep getting Lr cc update notices but I don't pay by the month.   I actually clicked on it once (maybe twice) and went through a lot of register type information questions, only to find that it was the CC version they wanted to sell to me, hidden in a LR 6 update, that seemed to be important.  Long story short, I lost everything.   My computer didn't recognize my Lr program any longer and I had to re-install it, twice !   I lost all my raw files that had been stored in Lr.

      Question :

      1.)  Will I need to update my Lr 6 independent version ?

      2.)  How can I update the Lr 6 version if necessary?

      3.)  How can I tell what version I have ?  (6, 6.1, 6.3, 6.8 ...... )


      Thank you for your generous consideration,


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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          You can find your version info in the menu /help/system info/


          Your images are not "in" Lightroom. The catalog is a database that references your photos using the path and file names of the files on your hard drive(s).


          The program for LR 6.x and CC 2015.x are the same program. The only difference is the licensing data. All installs and updates point only to one download location. Let us know if you are having problems entering your serial number so that Lightroom runs in the standalone mode.

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            Steph 1 Level 1

            Thank you for the help Joe.


            I understand the 1st two answers but am totally lost on the 3rd and final answer.


            I feel like you are saying, both my independent version and CC versions are the same.  At least the program is the same regarding updates ?   If this is so, then I suspect I should try again to acquire the updates from the notice I keep receiving ?


            I just don't understand what a "serial #" is and I don't understand what a "stand alone mode is"?   I have a Key Code of about 24 characters in 6 groups of 4, but I don't think you mean this #.  If not, where do I find my serial #?


            I bought the software from a licensed dealer online.  He sent me a download site and Key Code, which he mentioned the Key Code was already registered by his supplier !   I have no other info from him that I know of.   I guess I need to know how to find the "serial #" and where/when I will need to use it ?  I may also need a lesson on "stand alone mode".


            Sorry about my ignorance and thanks for your generous consideration, Joe,


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              DdeGannes Adobe Community Professional

              Your serial # is the 24 numeric "Key Code" as you put it.

              Have a look at the link below for help in inserting the serial #.

              How to convert a Lightroom CC trial to Lightroom 6


              Info about keeping Lightroom up to date can be had at the link below.

              Keeping Lightroom Up-to-Date

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                muelgrub Level 1

                I'm sort of stuck with this same issue.  I have a standalone LR ver 6.7, but keep getting notices of updates to CC.  When I did that once, I too lost (temporarily) everything.

                Do I ignore those notices?

                Do I update even though it says CC?

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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  Whenever Lightroom CC is updated, Lightroom 6 is also updated because they are actually the very same program. But they have different options available based on whether or not you are paying the subscription fee or whether you have purchased a standalone license for Lightroom 6. When you receive a notice for an update you should go ahead and update. Depending on how you have activated, the update installer will appropriately update your version. If you have Lightroom 6 then you will have support for new cameras and any bug fixes that may have been corrected. if you have Lightroom CC, and a new feature has been introduced in that update, you will receive that new feature in addition to any bug fixes and support for any new cameras. That is all taking care of in the update installer. You don't have to be concerned about making any choices. It's all taken care of by how you have "purchased" Lightroom. So if you are subscribed to the Creative Cloud program you should be using Lightroom CC 2015.10. If you have purchased Lightroom 6 then you should be using Lightroom 6.10. If you are using a lower number than that then you should consider updating. Also take note that the .10 is significantly different than .1 in this instance.

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                    muelgrub Level 1

                    Thank you.  It worked (of course).