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    new to contribute

    rhiannonvi Level 1
      I am trying to edit/update my own site that was designed by a webdesigner. (and i do emphasize the trying part)she suggested i use contribute. i've been working on my first page & managed to screw it up pretty well..the website is rhiannonvi.com - incense page to be specific... i have a paypal shopping cart that i was trying to update some prices on & finally thru the help of this forum figured out how to update prices on individual items - but i've run into a snag when there are multiples of one type of item when i try to edit via the format/paypal properties it says you cannot perform this action in this region - also - when i tried to delete some of the existing shopping carts on the page - they will not go away! neither will a bunch of html that i copied from the paypal site before i figured out i could just update from the edit page...any help would be very much appreciated... thank you!