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    Chapter of InDesign Book Corrupted When Exporting to PDF

    leigh annek99571291 Level 1

      I am working in an InDesign book with 10 chapters. I always open up the book first then the chapter to make edits. Today I wrote one of the chapters, created a PDF of just that chapter.  Then went back in to make final edits, saved them, and then exported just the chapter to PDF (with the book open) and experienced a failure. It overroad the PDF so it cannot be opened. My computer is now trying to recover the chapter and I have had no success.  I have tried to open the chapter outside of the book on a different computer on my work network - to no avail. I downloaded the file from our work server tonight at home (wondering if the network connection may have caused a problem in the hangup of the PDF exporting) and I can't open the file. It gives me an error message to try and recover, which just spools forever. I saved the file with a new name and still can't open.  Any other ideas?