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    Mp4 videos only importing as video without audio


      I have been working with home videos that I converted to Mp4 without issue, merging clips. Tonight my project wouldn't render. I did change the project name through "Save As" a few times, so did I run into a glitch or did I inadvertently change a setting. My previous projects have allowed mpeg and mp4 on the same project, the media I have added this time is all mp4.

      The selected file cannot  be linked because its type (video) does not match the original file's type (audio and video). Both video and audio show up but they are red to indicate the files cannot be found. If I try to import a new mp4 through add media it is only bringing in the video.


      I have kept the files that I am working on linked. Although I am familiar with unlinking frames.


      Thanks for you help!