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    Universalis ruining my custom website. PLEASE HELP


      What do you think of my site?

      Not too shabby, right? Kinda cool. I can spruce it up later, but I definitely want to get it out there so I can start showing clients my stuff.

      Now, let's just upload it here...



      [^^link to site]



      Oh, look at it. Just look at it.


      What the heck is Universalis?? *frantically checks through layers in muse comp, looking for some sort of widget or anything that would summon this hideous aberration*


      *looking through the forums, getting frustrated as I do have a life and things coming up that I'll have to leave my computer to do*


      *tries deleting home page and same thing happens to next page over*

      [frenzied screaming]

      *tries to re-upload several times, on several different computers, over the course of 3 months*


      Is no one else having this problem?

      Does anyone have any idea what this is or how I fix it?


      Please. It's driving me mad.