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    this should be simple :(

      i need to execute some javascript from a flash movie, but not where the javascript is somewhere in the html page. i need to embed the javascript IN the actual flash movie. here is what im trying to do:

      i need to put a flash movie on a page at site A. when that page loads i need the flash movie to "hit" a URL on site B. the page on site B will then record the hit. think of this as a hit counter. i know i can use getURL but from what i see that will actually OPEN the page on site B and this is not what i want. i simply want the script in the flash movie to hit site B in the background. if this was straight html/javascript i could do something like:

      new image().source="path to page on site B"

      is there some way i can embed that same code in a flash movie? or can someone tell me another way to do this?

      thank syou