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    iOS Lightroom not displaying all icons when Zoomed




      I have Lightroom for my iphone 6 with iOS 10.


      I recently had an epiphany.


      The icons in the photo edit screen do not all show when Zoom is enabled in display settings on the iPhone.


      Let me explain how i came to this conclusion.


      When i first bought the iPhone 6 in August 2015, replacing a 5C, Lightroom was one of the first apps I installed. I found it a few months prior on the 5C and decided it was to be my favorite image editing app.


      I found the zoom feature right away, new to the higher resolution screen. I didn't think anything of what it would do to apps. The next time I used Lightroom, I noticed I wasn't able to do some of the effects I used to be able to do. I was a bit disappointed, but I figured either adobe would fix it, or they removed some of the features. I stopped using Lightroom.


      I used zoom up until two months ago.


      Tonight, I needed to fix a very dim image, so I loaded up Lightroom.


      All. The settings. Were BACK!!





      I have an associates in information systems programming.


      Im in my last year for my bachelors in computer science.


      Hire me to fix this, Adobe!!


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