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    Canon 60D Raw files aren't recognized in PS5 anymore

    jocanonshooter Level 1

      I've been working in CS5 for several years with my Canon 60D camera. Suddenly I can't view the Raw (CR2) files in PS CS5 at all. I get a message reading: "Could not complete your request because the file appears to be from a camera model which is not supported by the installed version of Camera Raw.."


      At this point I am also unable to close this error message window, or do anything at all in PS unless I shut PS down through the task manager.


      So, then... following some advice on the Adobe forums, I downloaded the latest camera raw application (9_1_1) but I was still unable to open the images. So I went back on the forums, and read that I had to open PS go to help>about plug-ins and check out my version of PS, which is saying it has an older version still in use.


      So then I restart my computer thinking I needed to go that route and I still get a message saying PS can't read my images... and I also still can't shut down PS if I go into these other menus. I can work on jpeg files fine, but not the raw files. What am I doing wrong? Anyone have any idea? See my screen-grab example below.