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    Acrobat IX, link (open page view) in doc 1 links to wrong page in doc 2


      Document 1 is a motion for summary judgment (a document converted to PDF from MS word 10 in Windows XP).  The motion contains links to open a page in a second document, the Administrative Record (AR) and a third document, a declaration.


      I created the links as follows:

      go to a page view.jpg


      However, the linked page references open the document one (1) page short or off, e.g. clicking on AR 31 opens AR 30, for each and every link.  This occurred automatically for each and ever link to the AR. Therefore, it cannot be user error.

      links to wrong page.jpg


      However, for the third document to which I hyperlinked, the declaration (decl.),  the hyperlink to ¶17 will go to the correct page and even directly to the view the page where ¶17 is located.


      What is happening?  For a 29 page motion for summary judgment, with hundreds of links to the AR taking 4 hours to insert, it is not practical to try to redo the links to the AR only to have the links skp backward one page automatically.  Is this some sort of bug?  Can it be repaired? !

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          onkesh Adobe Employee

          Hi aguilayserpiente,


          Sorry for the issue you are facing. Can you please provide following information to help us identify and resolve the issue ASAP:

          - Acrobat XI version

          - Bug files to reproduce the issue at our end

          - Exact steps executed to perform the issue

          - Is this specific to just one file or is this happening on multiple files.


          Looking forward to your cooperation.



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            aguilayserpiente Level 1

            Dear Sir or Ms,

            I tried to answer as best as possible below:


            - Acrobat XI version:

            Acrobat IX (nine) on Windows XP.


            - Bug files to reproduce the issue at our end:

            Please tell me how to do produce a bug file. Otherwise, I can send you a CD with the files in question, so you can see what happens.


            - Exact steps executed to perform the issue:

            Document 1 is the main document, memorandum of points and authorities entitled "SMJ 1_10_17 final."   Document 1 links to pages in Document 2 and 3.  Document 2 is the administrative record, entitled "AR."  Document 3 is a declaration.


            Steps: Documents 1, 2, and 3 are open.  In Document 1, selected AR references example, "AR 249," with select tool left click → block selected "249" → right click "create link" → click "create page view" → clicked "next" → went to page 249 in Document 2 → clicked "set link."


            Thereafter, when clicking on the AR links in document 1, for example "AR 249," page 248 in document 2 opens rather than AR 249.  This skipping backward one page action does not occur when linking to document 3, the declaration.


            - Is this specific to just one file or is this happening on multiple files:

            This could be specific to Document 2, the Administrative Record (AR), as the links to Document 3, the declaration, go right to the correct page in the declaration (even the location on the page in the declaration).   Document 2 contained scanned documents and some documents originally "saved as" from MS Word 2010 to PDF.  Document 3, the declaration, is entirely a "save as" from MS Word 2010 to PDF.   This is the first time this anomally has occured and it happens with the Document 1 no matter the computer used or whether the document is opened in Acrobat or Reader.


            Please advise if you want me to mail you a CD.  Thank you.

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              onkesh Adobe Employee

              Hi aguilayserpiente,


              Thanks for your detailed response.

              Unfortunately, Acrobat IX is an unsupported version of Acrobat now.

              Please upgrade to the latest version of Acrobat. Download links are: Download Pro or Standard versions of Acrobat DC, XI, or X



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                Karl Heinz Kremer Adobe Community Professional

                monkish's response is about Adobe's support policy, and does not apply here. Actually, when you try to get support for your version of Acrobat via the "normal" support channels, chances are that they will send you here to the forums because that's the only way you can still get help with your problem. Most people here are not Adobe employees and could not care less about what the official support policies are.


                Based on your description (and because linking to a specific page works in general) I suspect that the problem has to do with this specific document. One thing you could try is to open these document in the current version of the free Adobe Reader DC and see if it happens with that too. That would eliminate the case where the problem is caused by a certain version of the PDF viewer (Acrobat or Reader).


                I would then try to convert the document to a new document, potentially getting rid of whatever "stuff" in the old document is causing this. The first thing I would try is to extract the first half of the pages into one document and the second half of the pages into a second document, and then try to create links into each of the "half" documents. Does it work with one, but not the other? If that's the case, you can then further trim the section that still causes the problem to one specific page. If that's not possible, I would try something drastic, which is usually not a good idea, but in a case like this, it might be the only way to get around the problem: I would "re-fry" the PDF file by printing it to another PDF file using the "Adobe PDF" printer. This will reduce the quality of your PDF file and it will get rid of all interactive elements you may already have added (e.g. links), but if you can verify that the links into the document work after you re-fry it, you at least have something that works and you can try to apply your links again. You can then try to replace the pages in your original document with the pages of the refried document. This will (assuming there was no scaling applied when printing) replace the static PDF content that is "below" the link in your document, while leaving the links and other dynamic elements unchanged. If the problem now shows up again, it has nothing to do with the page content, but with something in the other parts of the PDF document, and you will have to recreate your links.