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    Questions on performance and functionality after evaluating CF Builder




      I'm evaluating ColdFusion Builder 2016 (3.1.0) as a plugin for Eclipse (4.3.2) and with ColdFusion 10. I think it has a lot of nice features that would improve my current development environment but the performance when using it for a large CF project is poor unfortunately and some functionality is not even possible to use. I'm now trying to find out if this is normal and if I can do anything about it. Performance for a small test project is ok, it is when I use it on a big CF project I run into issues. The project has a couple of hundreds cfm files and a couple of thousands cfc files. It also has several thousands other file types (.js, .sql, .html, etc.).


      Refactoring/renaming: Runs forever (>15 minutes) and sometimes terminates with an out of memory exception. I start Eclipse with 2048m as initial and maximum Java heap size. Using a local web server. Obviously it will be slower with a larger number of files but is this normal? Will it only process cfm and cfc files?


      Line debugging: Works but is very slow. It takes several minutes to run to a break point and to step over. Normal? Can it be tweaked? I'm coming from Java and new to ColdFusion so I'm not sure what to expect.. But it has to be faster to be useful IMO or I'd rather use cfdump to do debugging.


      Code formatting: Not a performance issues.. I can't get it to work at all. I have edited the formatter preferences for my needs but when I mark some code in a cfc file and do 'Ctrl+Shift+F' or 'right-click - Format' nothing happens.


      Any comments to the above issues and CF Builder's ability to handle large projects?




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          Hi David,


          We tried on Mango blog, ColdBox which have around max of 1000 .cfc & . cfm files composed of different projects.


          1. 1.       Refactoring & Line Debugging works well(May be your workflow hits  the issue with a lot of dependent files to go through)


          1. 2.       Yes ,Code formatting on .cfc is an issue


          If possible can you share your code (may be mail be ) tell us exactly where you hit it ,so that we can look into ,repro and reach a conclusive point.



          Manas Mahapatra


          Cold Fusion Team

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            davidj65954955 Level 1

            Hi Manas,


            Thank you for the reply and sorry for my late response (been offline for a couple of weeks).


            I'm not allowed to share the code unfortunately, but yes there are a lot of dependencies between the files. It works better when I break out a smaller number of the files into a smaller project so I assume it has to do with the size of the project and dependencies.


            Best regards,


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              BKBK Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi David,

              What you describe sounds like buggy behaviour. Software integration is always a big risk. The combination of ColdFusion Builder 2016 (3.1.0) plugin + Eclipse (4.3.2) + ColdFusion 10 may not work well together. The more software modules you integrate, the more integration end-points, hence the higher the chances that things go wrong.


              I am running the standalone ColdFusion Builder 2016 + ColdFusion 2016. On this, I am developing 2 projects, each having thousands of CFCs and thousands of CFMs. No problems at all. In any case, not the kind of problems you are facing.


              You could do two things:


              1) report the problems as a bug

              2) transfer to the standalone version of ColdFusion Builder