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    RH7 Crashes when Generating

      When I try to generate, it will go through the initial steps, at least enough to bring up the progressbar, and then give me a message that RH has encountered an unhandled error and asks if I want to debug in Visual Studion (I have VS installed on my machine).

      If I select No, RH closes and that's it.

      If I select Yes, Visual Studio in debug mode and gives me the following message:

      "Unhandled exception at 0x0ddba296 in RoboHtml.exe: 0xC0000005:
      Access violation reading location 0x106c9000."

      That means nothing to me, but might be a clue to someone.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that snippets are involved.

      A while back, I used some snippets, and I had the same problem (crashing) until I reconfigured them a little.

      Then when I tried to generate today, I figured it was those snippets, and I found that although the .hts file for the snippet still existed in my project file, but it did not show up in my snippet pod. I (re)imported the snippet, regenerated, and it worked.

      Since these snippets were causing me such trouble, I decided to just delete it. I selected the option to delete the snippet and replace with actual text.

      That didn't work; the snippet reference was still there in the html.

      I deleted all the references to the snippet, and copied in text.

      Now when I try to generate I have the same problem of the application crashing. I suspect that there is a reference to it lurking somewhere.

      Anyone know what files they make references in, or what else might cause this problem?

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          I figured out how to fix this, so I'll add it here in case anyone else experiences a similar problem. Still not sure what caused it though.

          By simply deleting all of the files (from the previous generation and publishing) in the destination folder, I was able to successfully generate and publish.