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    Linearize Color Space

    ZinoKua Level 1

      I bet this question has been asked around many times but I'm still quite confused even with all that google around the web for certain answers.
      So for 3D renders definitely always work in linearize color space for more control over the colors for output but for 2D motion graphics, do you really need to turn on linearize color space? Sorry if this question sounds dumb but apparently I'm confusing myself even more !

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          So for 3D renders definitely always work in linearize color space

          Why would you? Unless the 3D rendered files are already linear, this has zero relevance. Even the best 3D renderers spew out images with Gamma bias in their default settings or when using specific image formats. I'm afraid you are looking for a simple answer that doesn't exist and are only seeing one side of the equation. That and of course throwing around vague terms isn't really helping. An awful lot of "2D motion graphics" is actually 3D stuff in disguise. If you wnat a satisfactory answer to your question you will have to be specific about what you want to do, which source footage you use, what the output will be. There's no general recipe here and linearizing the color space has no inherent magic. For any of this to even become relevant, you will have to have specific blending operations in your comp that could benefit from a Gamma-free value range and about the only time when that happens is in 32bpc mode, anyway.



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            ZinoKua Level 1

            First of all thanks for the lengthy reply! So to make it clear on what I wanted to know.
            When working with 2D/3D pieces, I always turn Linearize Working Space on and my comp looks brighter but some plugins generate muddy colors. Is it a necessary to always turn Linearize Working Space on or just leave Blend Colors Using 1.0 Gamma checked and that's it?

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              Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

              Hi Kuaz,

              Sounds like you still might be a bit confused about next steps. Sorry for not giving you more info sooner. I was able to located this help doc. Does it assist you? Managing color in After Effects


              Please let us know if you still need help.


              Thank You,


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                nathanFramed Level 1

                Graphics and 3d don't need to linearize. It's for vfx and footage. The original graphics being produced in AE only need to have 32bpc if you want best lighting. Linearizing is for film fx and workflows. Don't make your graphics burdened by linear color space. Just preserve RGB with your graphics and change to 32 bpc if you are using light blooms and lens blur effects. Normally you won't need to go higher than 16 bpc unless you are using lots of lights and lens flares. Then you need to adjust and set your blend modes to screen rather than add. Add blend mode is just a fake screen mode when you aren't in 32 bpc.

                The managing color doc is a bunch of jargin that just shows how film footage has never been well regulated for vfx for footage. There are old docs that bloggers posted on forums and AE just copy and pasted it into their forum and site. Linear workflow is not a well accomplished task in AE so don't clutter your workflow with it unless you absolutely need to finish in linear space for film.

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                  ZinoKua Level 1

                  Thanks for the clarification! Honestly AE documentation on color management is kinda confusing.