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    How to remove borders on sketch images?


      I have been using Adobe Sketch on my iPad Pro. Most of my designs use an image and then I draw on it. No matter what format I seem to pick on the iPad when opening sketch, I always seem to end up with white borders on the final image. I want it to be 100% full frame so that if I use it online, there are no borders. How do I achieve this?

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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Szalam.


          It's because of the Image Layer. In our next release of the app, it will be possible to create a custom canvas size (so it's the Sketch Layer is the same size as the Image Layer).


          Right now, the only workaround would be, when importing your image make it larger than the actual canvas size... that way when you draw on top of it your marks will go to the edge of the canvas. I realize that may not work for every image you choose to use, but I hope it helps at least part of the time.