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    RH6 and Printed Documentation

      I was trying to create a printed version of my project, but discovered the Printed Documentation selection was not enabled. I have had RH6 since spring of 2007, but hadn't had the need to use this feature since switching to RH6 from RH5. I called the support line to find out whether I was doing something wrong or was there a problem with the application. The support person told me that RH 6 does not support printed documentation - that I would have to upgrade to RH7. I was quite surprised. I've only had version 6 for less than 1 1/2 years, I was never informed that printed documentation would not function in 6, and RH 7 is being promoted as the version to have - upgrade cost of $499. Even though I do not use the function that much, at times it is important to have - and in this particular case would have saved me a lot of time because I had to replicate a particular portion of help by creating a new Microsoft Word document. Why doesn't RH 6 contain this feature?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          I will respond to you in the morning, it's late here. RH6 does support printed documentation.
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

            The first thing I need to know is what you mean by "... the Printed Documentation selection was not enabled".

            In single source layouts there is a Printed Documentation layout and double clicking it takes you through the wizard where you set the options. What exactly is stopping you doing that/

            There is an article on my site about Printed Documentation and it is mostly the same for RH6.

            Take a look at that and then post back.

            Were you given a ticket number by Support?

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              Kitlee3 Level 1
              Peter, thank you for your response. I also apologize for not indicating that I have Microsoft Word 2007 (our company installed this version several months ago), and that seems to be the problem. What I mean by Printed Documentation not enabled is that when I click Printed Documentation I get the message:"A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist. Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or XP." (We had MS Word XP prior to the install of MW 2007.) I called Adobe's Tech Support (I have a support package with them) because I couldn't believe the message. Tech Support rep confirmed the message and said that Printed Documentation in RH6 works in 2000 or XP but not in Word 2007. In order to have the Printed Documentation function I have to update to RH7. So, no, I was not given any ticket number--they didn't even consider my call ticket worthy. The rep's repeated response was I have to upgrade to RH7 to get the print documentation capability. Seems it is a closed issue. I wanted to know if anyone else had this problem and, if so, did they simply bite the bullet and upgrade or just live with the lack of abilitiy to print a document. (I have, by the way, printed documents in the past - but quite some time ago. I did also read your Printed Output article and wished I'd had this information when I was able to print.)
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                So what they told you was not that RH6 did not support printed documentation but that it did not support Word 2007.

                Yes you have to upgrade if you want to use Word 2007 to print but you don't have to upgrade to print, you just have to use one of the older versions that RH was sold to work with. RH6 was never sold as being compatible with Word 2007.

                Also Adobe sold the upgrade from 6 to 7 for about $80 for many months. You will not find it on the website for that price but might be worth a call or searching through third party vendor sites.

                Otherwise you need IT to put Word 2003 back on your machine. You can have a dual install and there is some information about that on my site.