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    Font missing in PDF (Figure fonts not embedded)

    csm_phil Level 4

      Dear All,


      I'm very much appreciate if any one look into my issue!!!

      I've an issue in Figure font not embedded in PDF file.


      I've placed the Illustrator(eps) file into InDesign and then export to PDF(Export preset [High Quality]), there is issue in figure fonts not embedded in PDF.  The problem is again we created same file it's come perfect, I don't change anything in Illustrator(eps) and InDesign just export a PDF file in #number of times its comes!!!.


      How can I figure out this issue in forthcoming files???



      • Adobe InDesign CS5.5 using Export PDF options.
      • Adobe Illustrator CS5


      Please find the attached Screen Shots for your perusal:-

      1. first_time_created_PDF.png. (I can't predict why the font not embedded sometimes only, this will happen only in Figures)
      2. second_time_created_PDF.png (i.e., I export the InDesign document #number of times the PDF file created, no font issue all Figure fonts are embedded perfectly).


      (Fonts not embedded)



      (Fonts Embedded)






      Advance thanks for your kind reply!!!