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    CC program wont launch


      Hi, someone on support online did not understand me and was not able to help, He did try to telling me, how problem is with me having trial, I was thinking that Creative Cloud is free and u pay just programs, or not?

      My Creative Cloud not working, it did 2 days ago, but now not. strange is not?

      It is still loading, but wont log in. Of course my app is in my language - Czech. Cant even understand he asked me to have it in english, how, if I have all in my language, he prolly expected that I during talking reainstall it to english, but here is all automatic changed in browser to czech, techs in US are weird. Sorry but we much smarter, but I am not programmer, and win 10 are pretty **** software.

      But anyway - I have win10 and my CC is not working, even I did already try all under this link https://helpx.adobe.com/cz/creative-cloud/kb/creative-cloud-app-doesnt-open.html

      but even one of recommended steps did not solve my problem. So what do I do? Can someone really help? I cant even take trial apps???

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app doesn't open or shows a spinning progress wheel


          You can have the Cloud installed for free and there are some mobile applications that are freely available, but for most applications you pay for a subscription to be able to use them.

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            Leire22 Level 1

            That what I was thinking, and that link u giving I gave too, just in Czech, but as I TOLD ALREADY - I DID WENT THROUGH ALL THAT STEPS, BUT MY APP STILL NOT WORKING IN WINDOWS 10 IN MY NOTEBOOK!!!

            And I am totally sure, that it has nothing to do with me having or not having trial or whatever program etc.

            I did take only one trial, and even have it just like 2 days, and nothing yet, I cant understand why this stupid program CreativeCloud is not working and wont load at all, no matter what all u do with it.

            I never had any other problems in my new laptop yet, this is first, but makes me really angry.

            Cuz as I see adobe has no solution and instead is making from ppl idiots.

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              KanikaS Adobe Employee

              Hi Leire22,


              If none of the above mentioned steps have helped, kindly Contact Customer Care for help.


              Hope this helps !

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                Leire22 Level 1

                I did, but online chat is for nothing, noone helped me, and did try to do idiot from me like telling me, how all cant work if I have trial, but Creative Cloud as program should be free or not? How i can use Adobe programs, if I cant even install them???


                This all looks like bad fun, and noone really care that in win 10 it is not working and plus - I did not invent stupid win 10, but they are in my new ntb... I see that here noone knows the problems, and adobe owners or ppl who should care for this dont care, what I really hate on all big companies is, how u cant email to them.


                I am tired of this crap and will use old types of program then, I see that this all here is just wasting my time.

                It is same like with languages - we must know perfect english, but noone need to know czech, how sad....

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                  KanikaS Adobe Employee

                  Sorry for the inconvenience !


                  Please check your private message.

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                    Leire22 Level 1

                    Hi, can u pls answer my reply in private message sector? I am not from US, I cant call you. Thanks for reply,

                    Problems is not solved, my Creative Cloud is still not working in windows 10 in my new laptop, I did try all what is told in online support, nothing helped.