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    Spinning object and moving it faster with mouse down

    Kerrian Neu
      I am using AS2 (CS3 Flash) and know how to do a simple motion tween to create a spinning object (which is just a color wheel). I was wondering how to take it to the next level and have it interactive. I'd like it to be able to rotate faster with a mouse down and drag if possible. Any suggestions? I don't really know AS, but can do what I'm told to do - I'm more designer than programmer.
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          clbeech Level 3
          sure - well instead of using a motion tween, you should directly manipulate the objects spin using the _rotation property within an onEnterFrame loop - in this way you can then adjust the value of the step in the rotation (by degrees) when the user presses the mouse button - then reset it to the orginal value on release. as for dragging an Object, you would use the startDrag() and stopDrag() methods of the MovieClip class. you would end up with something like this: